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Do You Have A TIN

Do You Have A TIN


The Finance Bill currently passed by National Assembly has amended sections 33, 49 & 58 of the Personal Income Tax Act. Thus, individuals are required to produce their Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) before they can operate existing or new bank accounts in Nigeria.

Thus, If you don’t have a TIN, you will not be able to operate your bank account. Right now, it is important to ensure you have a TIN as the date for implementation has been set for 2nd of January 2020.
Obtaining a TIN is FREE of charge. The essence of this change is to ensure Nigerians pay their tax.

If you want to verify your TIN or to know if you have one, you can go to the Joint Tax Board website.

Or Federal Inland Revenue Service Website (For Companies)


For individuals or registered business names, if you don’t have your TIN, please visit the nearest Lagos Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) Office.
You can visit the LIRS website to know the closest branch offices close to you.

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